At what time at night is it too late to start a movie?
1-"Never" points="22"
2-"11:00-11:59pm" points="22"
3-"9:00-9:59pm" points="19"
4-"10:00-10:59pm" points="8"
5-"1:00-1:59am" points="7"
6-"Before 8pm" points="5"
7-"8:00-8:59pm" points="5"
8-"3:00-3:59am" points="5"
9-"12:00-12:59am" points="3"

Name a country, other than the US, where one of your ancestors lived.
1-"England" points="46"
2-"Sweden" points="10"
3-"Ireland" points="8"
4-"France" points="5"
5-"Japan" points="5"
6-"Norway" points="5"
7-"Germany" points="3"
8-"Switzerland" points="3"

Next to pink, what is Elizabeth's favorite color?
1-"blue" points="32"
2-"purple" points="14"
3-"yellow" points="14"
4-"green" points="12"
5-"red" points="7"
6-"baby blue" points="5"
7-"mauve" points="4"
8-"orange" points="4"

What is your favorite instrument.
1-"Piano" points="36"
2-"Saxaphone" points="10"
3-"Guitar" points="9"
4-"Violin" points="9"
5-"Harp" points="7"
6-"Voice" points="5"
7-"Bass Clarinet" points="3"
8-"Drum/Percussion" points="3"

What is a favorite Christmas Tradition.
1-"Secret Santa/Gifts to another family" points="12"
2-"Open presents/stockings" points="12"
3-"Christmas Eve open presents/pajamas" points="12"
4-"Caroling/Delivering Treats" points="10"
5-"Special Breakfast(aebleskivers, sweet rolls, eggnog)" points="10"
6-"Decorations/Christmas Tree/Candy/Baking" points="10"
7-"Together with family" points="9"
8-"Reading Stories/Watching Movies" points="9"
9-"Christmas Eve Dinner" points="7"

Where is a favorite family vacation?
1-"Disneyland" points="23"
2-"Camping" points="20"
3-"Beach" points="7"
4-"Arizona" points="5"
5-"Hawaii" points="5"
6-"Brazil" points="5"
7-"Japan" points="5"
8-"St. George" points="5"
9-"Utah" points="5"

What is something you sniff before you buy.
1-"Perfume" points="22"
2-"Candles" points="13"
3-"Melons" points="13"
4-"Pineapple" points="13"
5-"Flowers" points="9"
6-"Lotion" points="9"
7-"Strawberries" points="9"
8-"Deodorant" points="7"
9-"Shampoo" points="4"

What is the best mission in the world.
1-"Your Own" points="74"
2-"All" points="16"

Name a favorite dessert?
1-"Ice Cream" points="21"
2-"Pie" points="18"
3-"Cheesecake" points="14"
4-"Chocolate Cake" points="13"
5-"Other Cake" points="9"
6-"Cookies or Candy" points="5"

Name a favorite ice cream.
1-"Chocolate" points="28"
2-"Cookie Dough" points="13"
3-"Cookies n Cream" points="13"
4-"Mint Choc Chip" points="11"
5-"Vanilla" points="7"
6-"Choc, pbutter, caramel" points="6"

Name a favorite picnic beverage.
1-"Lemonade" points="37"
2-"Other Soda" points="18"
3-"Juice" points="16"
4-"Rootbeer" points="14"
5-"Water" points="7"

What is your 3rd most favorite Holiday.
1-"Independence Day" points="24"
2-"Easter" points="19"
3-"Halloween" points="16"
4-"Birthday" points="7"
5-"Christmas" points="5"
6-"New Year's Eve" points="5"
7-"St. Patrick's Day" points="5"

What time do you get up in the morning.
1-"7-7:59am" points="30"
2-"6-6:59am" points="23"
3-"8-8:59am" points="17"
4-"5-5:59am" points="15"
5-"Before 5am" points="8"
6-"9-9:59am" points="8"

What is needed most when raising children.
1-"Patience" points="38"
2-"Love" points="17"
3-"Food" points="10"
4-"Humor/Fun" points="7"
5-"Knowledge/Discipline" points="7"
6-"Time" points="5"