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Daniel graduates from Seminary

We enjoyed participating in Daniel's seminary graduation.  Great talks and wonderful atmosphere. 

Seminary is the greatest. The impact on lives is astounding. Thanks Seminary folks!

It was funny, Daniel used his "real" scriptures for our family scripture for the first time in years since they are usually "at seminary".

Now bring on Institute!


Con-Graduations Daniel!

Daniel graduates from Seminary today and from High School tomorrow. So we got him a little gift. (check out what is written on the bag!)

Andrew is awarded Outstanding 8th Grade Student Award from Poston Jr. High

Congratulations to John Free (Andrew) for being awarded the Outstanding 8th Grade Student Award!  

An Update...

Have you ever been in a dark cave, so dark that you can't even see your hand? Have you ever gone skydiving with two popsicles in your left hand? Perhaps you've been bungie jumping with those same popsicles, this time in the right hand?

While these are all valid and worthy questions, we have one of our own. What is the plan?

Well, that's been our question since we came to the hospital. The doctor came in very late last night and told us his thoughts. Here they are:

-Did I turn off the iron? (Sorry, couldn't resist)
-It seems like the medication is working in slowing down the early contractions. There's no signs of Rachel going into "real labor" yet, so I think we're going to check tomorrow morning (this Monday morning) one more time and see if that's the case.


So, the doctor just came in and checked. This is the real plan:

Rachel gets medication to keep those contractions down. This should last for about a week and a half, which is when she will be 36 weeks. We are going to see our real doctor this Friday and see if he has any modifications to the plan. As for the time that the baby comes...that's still the question.

Thank you for your prayers!

-Mike & Rachel Free =)

P.S. Thank you so much to those of you who came and visited! We enjoyed the company with Grandma and Grandpa Jamison, Uncle John & Aunt Jen & family, and Uncle Matt & Aunt Chiaki & family, and Grandma Crookston.

Melinda and Jeff's Open House in Mesa

Andrew's Birthday Cake and Skyping with Little Joseph

Melinda did her magic again and made a DS cake for Andrew. Check out the scores and names and numbers. Thanks Melinda! We also had fun skyping with little Joseph!

Adam's History Report

The 5th grade did their history reports.They each had a board and then a jar with quesitons in it. People would walk up and draw out a question and they would answer it.  It was fun and Adam did a great job.

The Baby...

To have the baby or not to have the baby.  That is the question.

At the moment, it really is the question!  Around 7:00 last night I started having contractions that kept getting stronger and stronger and closer and closer together until they were just about 2 minuts apart. (of course it was while we were in the temple for a session... not the most convenient time, but whatever!)  One temple session and 17 contractions later, we got out and called Mike's aunt who works in the Mom-Baby section of the hospital and asked her if she thought we should go in.  She said yes, if for nothing more than peace of mind... so we ran home, packed some bags full of Twisted Bars, fruit snacks, movies, and my makeup, ate some cereal (I figured if they were going to tell me I couldn't eat, I wanted the news on a full stomach!)  We checked into the hospital, they hooked me up to machines (after I put on the lovely gown that only sort of ties up in the back) and started monitoring both me and the baby.  Baby looks great, and I'd already dilated to a 2.  They gave me some medicine to stop the contractions, and a steroid to help the baby's lungs develop more quickly just in case... then they gave me more medicine to stop the contractions, and then more, but they're still going.  I got a couple hours of sleep... literally about 2, and Mike stayed the night on the fold down futon couch thing, which actually looks really comfortable.  And this morning they gave me more medicine, which hasn't really slowed down the contractions, but at least they're MUCH more mild so that I rarely notice them other than the little blip on the screen.  The hope is that they'll stop all together, but if not that at least we can keep the baby in there until he's been on the steroids for 48 hours to give his lungs a good chance of being fully functional when he's born.  So now we wait... and wait... and wait some more!  If the medicine stops the contractions all-together and they don't start again when they take me off it, then I can go home.  But if they don't stop with the medicine, or start up again when they take me off it, or if they get more intense (last night the medicine stopped them for awhile, but they started up again just as strong LONG before I was due for another dose) then I'll be staying here til the baby comes, which could be tomorrow or in a few weeks from now!  
Thus the adventures of Mike and Rachel continue as life is just full of surprises!


~Rachel =)

Jeremy at his last game of the season


Maddie's 8th Birthday!


Rock 'n Roll night with Mountain View High School Choirs

Josh and Daniel's choirs were part of the Rock 'n Roll event. Each choir selects someone and they do a medley of their songs with some choreography.

Here a movie for Josh's:

Here is the one for Daniel's:

Adams birthday

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Using Grandpa's napkin holder

... as we ate Sunday dinner outside in the wind. It worked great. Thanks!

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New court is painted!

We finally finished the painting of the court and raised the rim to the right height. Now we are looking fir a name for this arena. Any suggestions? We are thinking we need to paint a logo in the court. Suggestions and designs are welcome.

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