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Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Happy-Dural

So, we've decided to have an epidural, or as the doctor says, "Happy-Dural."

Rachel is much happier now.

Oh and the anesthesiologist was amazing!!! He was fast and really good at it. Our nurse told us later that he is the best of the best! Hurray for Bert!

That's the update! Still at a 3 now, but they've upped the meds to encourage more dilation.

Mike and Rachel =)


It begins!


Rachel and Michael are in the American Fork hospital. They got hooked to all the monitors at a out noon.

As of 4:30pm she was dialated to a 3. Lots of good contractions.

They are doing good.

We'll let you know more as we do.


Hello everybody,  this is as open invitation for anyone to come and support Jen at her mothers funeral.   It will be taking place Tuesday morning 9:30 am in Provo at 200 West 920 South.   The passing of her mother happened on July 4th in the evening, we were not reached until Tuesday evening with the news.   I will be createing a memorial page to her mother on facebook, with a link to the full obituary.  Your thoughts and prayers are appreciated, your presence would be welcomed as well.    Thanks in advance, John Jen and the girls.


Hello!  Rachel's mom is coming out here this weekend to help with the baby (yay!) and is hoping to bring the family dog, Heidi, with her then so they don't have to drive cross country with her when they move out here the end of July/first week in August.  We can't keep pets at our apartment (not even fish... sad, huh?) and thus we are looking for a place for Heidi to stay until the family gets out here in a few weeks.  This would be a perfect opportunity for someone who is thinking of getting a dog, or who really wants a dog but doesn't want to have to pay to take care of them (she'll come with her food, toys, and everything else she needs) to have a furry friend come share their home for a few weeks!  Please let us know if you or someone you know and trust might be willing to watch Heidi.  


~Mike, Rachel, & Baby Free =)

This is Heidi.  

She's a golden retriever who loves playing with tennis balls and having her belly rubbed.  
Heidi likes to go for walks, as long as they aren't too long or hot, and she loves to play with children!  
She's 10 years old, which is pretty old in dog years, so she likes to sleep if there's nothing exciting going on.
She doesn't mind other dogs (although she's a pretty old dog and doesn't really enjoy rowdy puppies that jump all over her) and she's always lived with cats. 
Her fur is pretty thick and fluffy, so it's best if she gets brushed once a day to keep the tangles out and help her not be too hot in the summer weather.  
Heidi is house-trained, and will woof at the door when she needs to go out.
She never chews things up, except for Kleenex, which she loves to shred and throw around the room if you leave them lying around.
Heidi knows she is not allowed on the furniture, and she does not jump up either on people or at the door or table.
People food makes her sick, but that won't stop her from begging with her big brown eyes while you're setting the table for dinner!

Not that I (Rachel) am biased or anything, but really Heidi is one of the best dogs ever... and I've had more than my fair share of dogs!  She loves kids, loves being with people, and is so low maintenance.  She wags her tail when you get home, wags her whole body if she hears the word "walk," and if she really likes you, she might take one of your shoes from you when you take it off and fall asleep next to it.  

Bella practicing safe riding practice returning from parowan parade


Shakes in Beaver!


Rexburg fun

We have been in heaven. Been with Becca and Jopes & Elizabeth and our incredibly cute grandchildren.

Joseph slept with grandma and I. Big smiles on our faces.

We got to hear and feel the great spirit in the byu Idaho conference center as we listened to the devotional with Becca. What a great university.

Here is a link to a video on the horses.

Jee Gets Buried For His Birthday!


In SLC with Jess!


In Utah on business. Jess came up to meet me for dinner.

They're Popping Up!

So our garden has started to show some signs of growth.  We have added some pictures to our slideshow of the seeds sprouting.  We have pictures of our peas, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, sunflowers, and corn.  Also, one of those pictures is Joseph climbing up the fence.  We didn't help him at all.  He can totally climb it now...scary!  We are excited though for our garden to continue to grow. 

If you want to see the labels of what's what, you'll have to view full screen, then hit "show info" in the top right corner. I think that should work. :)

Jeremy's haircut


We got a call from Jeremy yesterday asking if he could get his haircut
with his friend. After pushing many sons to get their haircut we said,
"of course!"

This is the result! Jeremy and his friend are on the kino krawdad swim
team, thus the K. Jee won his heat, so the kut helped the krawdads!

Getting ready for our little boy!!!

So far, no baby. But you never know when he will decide to come, so Rachel and I have been working on his room, now that we've moved.

Here is what it looks like so far. We are just missing a mattress now, but we think we have found the right one.

Anyways, just a quick update for y'all!

Mike and Rachel Free Ü

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Our Rexburg Garden

Not only do plants grow...but the size of our garden seems to grow bigger each year!  Last year we just did a row of sunflowers.  This year we have a row of sunflowers, carrots and broccoli, banana peppers and iceburg lettuce, and peas.  But wait, there's more.  We also have four rows of corn that we are sharing with some neighbors.  But wait, there's more.  We also have a pumpkin, squash, and watermelon plant.  We're pretty excited.  We also decided that jumping over our fence, scooping up water from the canal, and watering our plants was too much work.  So, we rigged up two hoses that connect, run along our fence, and make it much easier for us to water them daily.  We'll be sure to take updated photos as growth starts to happen.  We just need everyone to pray that no more snow comes our way!!!!

Memorial Day at Jeff & Melinda's Pool

I've got a dream...

IMG_1366.MOV Watch on Posterous

Becca surprised us with a visit this weekend, Yea! She brought a video of little Joseph singing a song from "Tangled" called, I've got a dream.

It is awesome. Here it is.