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Faces of David...

As many of you know, when a new child comes into a family, there is no limit as to how many photos you can take! So, I thought I would share several with you!

Hope you enjoy!

-Mike & Rachel & David

Breakfast in bed with Sat cartoons!


Father and Son Bike Ride


McKay and I are on our annual 100 mile bike ride. You can follow us at

The roof crew


This was day 2 this morning. We made great progress. One more day and
we should have it.

Rexburg Family Pictures

So, you all have to vote for the best pictures.  We need to know which is the best overall family picture, the best couple picture, the best of Joseph, and the best of Everlit.  Enjoy.
Jopes, Elizabeth, Joseph, and Everlit.

Rexburg Garden Update

We've had success and...some not success.  We started our garden with sunflowers, carrots, broccoli, peppers, lettuce, beans, peas, corn, squash, watermelon, and pumpkin.  What we have now and is growing are sunflowers, peppers, lettuce, beans, peas, corn, squash, watermelon, and pumpkin.  Check out the new pictures we've posted of how things look.  Just don't judge us for how many weeds are mixed in with the corn.  We just gave up on that section.  Next year...right?  Enjoy!

Free Family Ancestor Conversion Stories

Back in 2006 I pulled out parts of the Free ancestor conversion stories. I visited that again and added one or two and included an index.

Here is a 24 page pdf that you can print complete with an index.  Now you can see why they joined and how them came.



free_pioneer_stories_bigger.pdf Download this file

Brett's move to Calif--I mean Goodyear!

Night filled with Magic!

Night filled with Magic!

Lost and...found?

Hello from Rachel, Mike and David!!!!

Our lovely Aunt Jodie found a green sweater left in her house after Rachel's baby shower. I just realized that we never asked around to find out whose it is!

Any takers?


Mike, Rachel, David Ü

Dam bridge pictures ;-)

Floor & Paint done--next up baseboards...


The Little Boy Has Arrived!!!

He's Here and he's perfect!


He's here. And he is perfect! =D