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Irish Step Dancing in Mesa

irish step dancers thumbnail

Adam, Andrew, Joshua and Rebecca put together a new Irish step dance thingy this afternoon using the new piano. At the first of the movie you can see Adam starting the music for them. The sounds they are making at the beginning are so they will be ready to act (disney channel movie thing).

Click here to see the movie.

The little extra that makes the big difference...

I have discovered, through my life, a principle that is simple to understand and yet is often unheeded resulting in wasted time and effort.

The principle is that the greatest gains come when you exceed expectations. That the first 100% of effort yields “break even” gains, but the next 5+% of effort yield astounding gains.

Promoterz - the answer for the small business owner

Dave and I and Dan Crites and Chris Coberly have been working hard on several projects. One of them is out there now to check out, PromoterZ (pronounced promoters). It is a system to help small businesses develop a better relationship with their customers and encourage customer referrals without taking much time from the business owner.

Anyway, I thought I would post about it here for two reasons. One it might be fun for you to go check out the site. The animations are done by Dave (yeah!) and if you watch the quick tour you can hear Dave too!

The other reason is that it is good to have another site link to your site. So seems like this is a good place to do that. So to check it out go to Let us know what you think.

We have several small businesses using it right now and many more just signing up including tests for Subway for Sport Clips. We are also working with others in medical, dental, retail and other food places and it looks like we might even use it for a major airline.

Anyway, check it out and let us know what you think, and if the site makes sense to you.

Be part of the Free Reunion!

The Free Reunion for descendants of Absalom Pennington Free is happening in 2006. Chuck Boyd is looking for those that would like to be part of an email group. That is where ideas are emailed to everyone and you can add your own ideas and comment. If you would like to be on the list email him at:

Great day to wear red...

(click on the picture to see the finish)
"What a great day to wear red" were the words we heard from the coaches and others as Mountainview took first in the region for both men and women's cross country. Our favorite runner, Mike, finished 15th overall, 7th for although he didn't score for the team he added points to the other teams scores by displacing their runners. 7 of the first 15 finishers were from Mountainview. For those that don't understand cross country (the scoring...not why you would run!) the team with the lowest score for their first five runners wins. You get points based on which number you finish. So a perfect score is 15, that is you have guys that finish 1st through 5th 1+2+3+4+5=15. You can have 7 on your team. Next week at 10am is the State Cross Country meet. Mountain View won it last year for the first time. It will be very close but we think they will take it again! Go Mike!

Adam's Apple Song

Adam showed me a picture he had colored that had a song on it about apples. Adam doesn't sing out loud for us very often. So when he sang I asked if I could record him. He was happy about that so click on the picture to see/hear it!

Mike takes 1st at George Young Invitational!

On Saturday, Mike ran again in another invitational. It included many teams including the ones that beat him last time. But not today. Mike got his first "first"! And he looked good. Too bad I didn't have a camera. But I did see someone from our stake there and I borrowed his camera and got a clip of the on the picture to see it!

The Great Cinnamon Roll Research Project

OK, you have all done such a great job with the 50th celebration. It was fun to "see" you all at the reception. There were many memories of Mom's Cinnamon Rolls. Marilee even decided to make and eat some. I just got back from a priesthood leadership meeting where a member of the stake presidency talked about his mother's cinnamon rolls, she would make before they went to the temple. I feel bad not having cinnamon rolls in the Poll. So to make up for it I wonder who would like to sign up to be part of the great cinnamon roll research project.

Here is what I suggest. We each research and make many types of cinnamon rolls and report back, with pictures if we can, your findings. I must first comment that I don't think there is a cinnamon roll out there that I don't like. But there are many variations and I think spending some time researching could be a fun activity. For example, some rolls have many "rolls" some have only one. Some are tall others short. Some are cooked in deep pans others in short pans. Toppings range also from cream cheese, to butter cream, to orange goodness or just the crunchy warm cinnamony top. Some are made from light sweet fluffy dough, others from more hearty dough that just oozes its goodness. How about things inside, there are raisens, nuts, or just the pure plainess. The amount of cinnamon, sugar, butter is all a factor. Information on the process is invaluable too. Do you cut them with a knife or use a string? Any other secrets?

So I don't think we will end up with a single favorite. But it would be fun to have compiled a list of many we have tried and explain what we like about them (besides eating them). So who is up for it? I suggest we each post a comment to this post with pictures and a detailed description of the process and your findings.

Pictures from Uncle Darrell's Service

Jennifer Roberts sent some pictures from the graveside service for Uncle Darrell and thought we would like them. Thanks Jennifer! Please go online and comment on the pictures for us.

Surprise!! (scream over 80 people!)

Happy 50th Anniversary from all of us...and I mean all of us! Welcome to your virtual online 50th anniversary reception! You already have over 80 people waiting in line to talk to you (more will be coming).

So both of you sit back and get comfortable, get a box or two of Kleenex and click here.  

You will be able to read each comment. If you would like to reply then click on "reply" at the end of their comment. They will then be able to come back and see your reply to their comment. Just like in a reception line...except different.

OK, so it is not exactly like a reception. You will definitely miss the hugs and looking in the eyes of loved ones. BUT there are some benefits. If you get tired you can take a break and its kinda nice to be with just your sweetie on this 50th anniversary of your honeymoon!

We are confident that the Spirit will carry into your hearts the feelings we had as we shared our words with you.

Congratulations! We love you!

Darrell Hicks Free

Uncle Darrell

17 Feb 1911 - 1 Sep 2005
We received the news today that Uncle Darrell passed away this morning.

From Mom:
Uncle Darell passed away this morning, Sep 1, at his home. Aunt Rhea and Uncle Duane had been with him on the weekend and he was doing pretty well. Even took a long ride with them and saw herds of elk which pleased him. Rhea left there on Sunday evening and this morning, after his breakfast he passed away. He was a wonderful uncle to your Dad. It is wonderful to think of him at last out of pain and lonliness.

From Uncle Duane:
I wanted to let you know that they have planned for his funeral services to be next Tuesday afternoon in Pioche at the cemetary. He had made specific requests for only a graveside service. I do not know yet what time on Tuesday, only that it will be Tuesday afternoon. You have such a great e-mail list that you may want to forward this info to those of your family who would be interested as well. (more...)

Get email when the blog changes!

By popular request (thanks Dave) I have installed the module that lets you be notified by email when there is a change to our family web site.

Just choose "My Account" on the left and click on the tab in the picture and set your options.

image of notify tab

Brett Silva: Missionary

Brett the missionary

Brett came over to get a picture scanned for his mission papers. After seeing his face on my computer I knew his mom was gonna want to get her eyes on it as soon as possible! Here ya go!

Adam's First Day at School!

Adam's First Day at School

Adam just left for the first day of school. And Diana is having her first day at home with no children...ok, I'm there but that doesn't count.

Cool Picture

Earth Lights
This is a picture I found and edited to use as a desktop picture. It is cool to see the lights of the earth and think about all those people. Then to look at each place where you know you have loved ones and friends. Kinda cool. Here is the link to the original site: